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On these pages, I share my heart, especially my compassion and concern for the homeless and the disadvantaged. It is my desire to bring their plight to the forefront and, through prayer and discussion, work toward an answer.

This blog shares my experiences with individuals that I have encountered through the many years of my ministry on the streets.

I also express my thoughts, taken from my 85 years of life, and from what I have learned in my many studies of spiritual things, which have taken me into the investigation of different philosophies and belief systems.

I am a truth seeker.

My confidence is founded on my relationship with God through Jesus, the Christ, but I find many truths in additional creeds, and take the good from these.

Together, we will consider spiritual insights: I share on this blog, and you share with me by commenting in the comment section at the bottom of each post. I welcome the discussion, and will reply to you.

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Every one of us needs the encouragement of another.

The purpose of this blog is to bring things positive into a negative world.

Hopefully, it will encourage you, contribute to your spiritual nourishment, and stimulate your thought processes.

P.S. This blog is my voice.

These are my experiences, my thoughts.

But, because my wife Cindy is more proficient in the technical side of this, and has an editing talent, she helps me a great deal in presenting this blog to you.